OPAK - An On-Line Debugging Program

P. T. Brady, New York University, New York, New York

A utility program which enables the user to load, examine,
and modify computer programs by means of the Teletype.
This program is a revision of the program written by A. D.
Hause, Bell Telephone Laboratories. Extensive use of the
program has suggested many refinements and revisions of the
original program, the most significant additions being the
word search and the breakpoint. The standard version of
OPAK is stored in 6200 to 7577 and also 0006. An abbreviated
version is available (7000 to 7577, 0006), which is
identical to the other except that it has no provision for
symbolic dump. Both programs are easily relocated. Control
is via Teletype, with mnemonic codes, (e.g. "B" for inserting
breakpoint, "P" for proceed, etc.).

Catalog:November 1969