PALDT - PAL Modifications for DEC tape (552 Control)

George Friedman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

When assembling programs, PALDT requires that the symbolic
tape be read in only once. The program writes on the library
tape itself after finding the next available block from the
directory. During pass 0 the tape is read in using the entire
user's symbol table. During passes 1,2,3, as much of the
symbol table is used as possible. This means the fewest tape
passes as possible. As an added advantage pass 0 ignores
blank tape, leader-trailer, line feeds, form feeds, and
rubouts; saving space. The whole program decreases the users
symbol table by only three pages: one for the DECtape
program above, one for pass 0, and one for the minimal
length read-in buffer.

Catalog:November 1969