Analysis of Variance PDP-5/8

Henry Burkhardt, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard,

An analysis of variance program for the standard PDP-5/8
configuration. The output consists of:
  1. For each sample:
    1. sample number
    2. sample size
    3. sample mean
    4. sample variance
    5. sample standard deviation
  2. The grand mean
  3. Analysis of Variance Table:
    1. the grand mean
    2. the weighted sum of squares of class means
      about the grand mean
    3. the degrees of freedom between samples
    4. the variance between samples
    5. the pooled sum of squares of individual values
      about the means of their respective classes
    6. the degrees of freedom within samples
    7. the variance within samples
    8. the total sum of squares of deviations from the
      grand mean
    9. the degrees of freedom
    10. the total variance
    11. the ratio of the variance between samples to
      the variance with samples.

This is the standard analysis of variance table that can be
used with the F test to determine the significance, if any,
of the differences between sample means. The output is also
useful as a first description of the data.

Catalog:June 1968