Dave Hawkins, Foxboro Company, Foxboro, Massachusetts

TIC-TAC-TOE is a self-learning program which will improve
its game as it plays. Whenever its human opponent wins, the
program changes its strategy such that it can never be beaten
again in the same way. Thus, the program gains "experience"
every time it loses. The program will punch its experience
on paper tape in binary format on request. This experience
tape can be reread by the program at any time and will reset
the program to the level of experience it had when the tape
was punched. The program will notify the operator if any
error is made in reading the experience tape and gets very
upset if the player tries to cheat.

Storage Requirement:
locations 10-4000 (approximately)
and will operate with low or high
speed tape input/output equipment

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8, ASR-33, or high-speed
reader and punch

Catalog:November 1969