PDP-8 Oscilloscope Display of Mathematical Functions

A. E. Sapega and S. G. Wellcome, Trinity College,
Hartford, Connecticut

This is a general-purpose FORTRAN program for oscilloscope
display of single-valued functions, y = f(x). The FORTRAN
statement of the function can be changed by the user so as
to display specific functions of interest to the user. The user
must specify a range for the independent variable. Scaling
of the function for an appropriate display is carried out
automatically by the program. The user may then interrupt
the display to respecify the range of either independent or
dependent variable. The display will be flicker free on a
conventional (nonstore) oscilloscope.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8, Type 34D Display Unit

Other Programs Needed:
FORTRAN compiler and operating
system, PAL Assembler

Source Language:
FORTRAN {main program}, PAL

Catalog:November 1969