Accessing Data Arrays and Teletype Text Input/Output

David G. Frutchey, Beckman Instruments, Inc., Fullerton,

These two subroutines provide the user with a powerful, yet
concise, programming methodology when used with the
Floating Point Package (DEC-08-FMHA).

The array accessing subroutine permits the user to access
both fixed and floating point data located anywhere in the
first 2K words of core storage regardless of page overlap.
Both data storage and retrieval can be performed on terms
analogous to single variable, subscripted FORTRAN array
terms such as "ARRAY (a*J+b)."

The second subroutine, TTY Text I/O, provides a concise
facility for text output (63 characters), character input,
line spacing and page tabulation.

Other Programs Needed:
Floating Point Package

Source Language:

Storage Requirement:
Array Accessing - 11910
words; Teletype Text
I/O - 5610 words

Catalog:November 1969