ISOMER - Interactive Study of Organic Molecules by
Educational Reinforcement

Dr. James W. Cooper, Digital Equipment Corporation,
Maynard, Massachusetts

ISOMER was written to establish the utility of the LAB-8 as a
tool for computer-assisted instruction. It is designed to assist
students in learning organic nomenclature by asking them to
identify all 21 isomers of C5H10Br2. Carbon skeletons are
drawn on the scope by typing C's and the positions of the BR's
are controlled by the LAB-8 knobs. After the bromines are
adjusted to represent a legitimate isomer, typing N produces
the IUPAC name on the Teletype. The program also informs
the student if he has entered this compound before, and when
he is done, lists any isomers that he omitted.

Minimum Hardware:
LAB-8/L or 8/I with 4K of core
and Teletype, LAB-8 Scope
Storage Requirement:
Source Language:
Can be assembled by MACRO-8,
PAL-D, PAL-8 or PAL-10

Catalog:July 1973