Disk Editor With View for LAB-8

K. W. Ranatunga, University of Bristol, The Medical School,
Bristol, England

Disk Editor (DEC-D8-ESAB-PB, 1968) has been modified
slightly so that a 'V' (view) command made via the teletype
is recognized. This command is like a 'L' (list) command except
that the requested I ine of the text buffer is displayed on'
a CRO screen along with the 17 succeeding lines. Further,
the reference numbers of these lines as given by the Editor
are also displayed.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8/I, AX08 with option
XR, Disk File (DF32)
Other Programs Needed:
Disk Editor (DEC-08-ESAB-PB)
For each view command the cor-
responding display is issued only
once, and thus the display should
be stored on a storage CRO screen
Source Language:

Catalog:February 1972