RL Monitor System (WCFMPG Version)
Author: Richard Lary, Mario DeNobili, et al
Submitted by: Stanley Rabinowitz, Digital Equipment Corp.,
Maynard, MA
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 4K
Special Hardware Required: TC01 or TC08 DECtape

Abstract: This system is a general purpose operating system including
monitor, editor, file handler, etc. It is specifically designed to run on a
near minimal configuration (4K and one DECtape drive). It allows the
user to save both source and binary files on the DECtape. The line
number editor permits resequencing, editing, deleting lines, auto-sequence

Note: This system is not compatible with either OS/8 or 4K Disk
Monitor System.

Media Price Code: A6, H32
Format: RL Monitor
Catalog: August 1978