EMLP: Emory Linear Programming Package
Author: F. W. Wood, R. L. Jensen,
School of Business, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: FORTRAN IV and RALF
Memory Required: 8K minimum

Abstract: This is a small linear programming package intended for
class demonstration use and/or linear programming problems of limited
size. It has been adapted for the PDP-8, running under the OS/8 (or PS/8
or DECsystem-8) operating system, from a program originally written for
the IBM 1620 by F. W. Wood of National Steel Corporation. This
version includes some minor corrections and changes. Much of the
description is taken directly from his original documentation. Additions,
changes, etc. are by R. L. Jensen. The programming language used for
this version is 8K FORTRAN for OS/8. Input/output options may have
to be modified for a particular configuration.

Media Price Code: D2, H32 (Order DECUS 8-703 DECTAPE.)
Catalog: August 1978