OS/8 Software for a TC58 Magtape Control
Author: W. Kenneth Patton and Terrence D. Lagerlund,
Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8, SABR, FORTRAN II
Memory Required: 8K
Special Hardware Required: TC58 Magtape Control with TU20
or equivalent tape drives (7 or 9 track)

Abstract: This is a package of three programs which extend the input/
output capabilities of system, user, and 8K FORTRAN programs in
OS/8 to include the TC58 magnetic tape. The first is a TC58 device
handler (2 page, non file-structured) that includes six special function
calls and can use any desired tape recording format. The second is a set
of nine SABR subroutines (FORTRAN-callable) that provide formatted
and unformatted tape input/output and special functions (endfile, spac-
ing forward and reverse, rewind). The third is a SABR main program
which allows the operator to position and write EOF marks on a tape,
dump records in octal, and write test data.

Restrictions: No EOF written to close tape files. Does not use
TCS8 continuous mode.

Media Price Code: A3, B4, F5, G30, H32
Format: OS/8
Catalog: August 1978