DOCRLN: A Subroutine to Calculate Polarity-
Quantized Autocorrelograms
Author: J. S. B. Clark,
Agricultural Research Council's Poultry Research Center,
Edinburgh, Scotland
Source Language: PAL-D
Memory used: 1108 words
Special Hardware Required: See abstract

Abstract: The subroutine may be called to calculate the y-ordinates of
a polarity-quantized autocorrelogram in real-time. It is intended for use
on a PDP-8 processor with A/D converter or zero-level crossing detector,
real-time clock and visual display. The execution time lies between 20
usec/sampled point and 10 usec/sampled point depending on several
options described. The subroutine is called once between samples of
signal, and updates a single precision store which may be output directly
on to a visual display unit as an autocorrelogram.

Media Price Code: D2, F5, G5
Catalog: August 1978