TKPLOT, Version: B/C, July 1983

Author: Eugene J.M. Lynch, Xerox Corporation, El Segundo, CA

Operating System: OS/8 Source Language: FORTRAN IV, PAL-8/
PAL III Memory Required: For Version B: 2198 words, for Version C:
2288 words Special Hardware Required: For Version B: Tektronix 4010
series (or emulator) Console Terminal, for Version C: Tektronix 4010
series (or emulator) Serial (KL8) Interface Other Software Required:
FORTRAN IV Plotter Routines Keywords: Graphics; Tektronix

Abstract: The programming system presented here enables a Tektronix
4010 series Graphic Terminal, or a terminal which emulates it, to be used
as the plotting device with a PDP-8/12 family computer executing an
OS/8 FORTRAN IV program which uses the Plotting Subroutines. The
Graphic Input capability of the terminal is used to return the coordinates
of designated display points to the program, and to enable interactive
annotation of a screen display from the terminal keyboard. If a Tektronix
Hard Copy Unit is attached to the terminal it may be used under program,

A file can be designated to receive all of the information necessary
to reproduce screen displays on other graphic devices. Displays are saved
selectively in this file, from which they may be reproduced on an
incremental plotter or other graphic device on the host computer, or
transmitted for reproduction elsewhere.

Version B corrects minor errors in Version A, adds the Graphic
Input routine and a convenience routine for emulator users, amends
subroutine entries so that illegal calls are handled in a kindly manner and
requires a bit less memory.

Version C has all the features of Version B and allows the console
terminal to be used as both the plotting and as the alphanumeric
FORTRAN terminal output device. This version may also be used an a
FORTRAN program running under OS/8 in the RTS/8 background.

Note: Changes and Improvements: Version B: Use of Console as graphic
device. Use with RTS-8. Both Versions: Addition of ASCII character
transmission and Graphic Input routines error correction.

Documentation available in hard copy only.

Media Service Charge Code: Manual (EC), DECtape (HA), Floppy
Diskette (KA) Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1985