OS/8 BASIC User Defined Functions for the
LQP78, Version: 1, December 1979

Author: John Schmidt, Digital Equipment of Canada, Ltd., Richmond
B.C., Canada

Operating System: OS/8 V5 (Links to BRTS may be different for
other versions.) Source Language: PAL-8 Memory Required: Standard
Configuration Special Hardware Required: LQP78 Printer Keywords:
Device Handlers

Abstract: The user defined functions for the LQP78 enables OS/8 BASIC
to control the printer like an X-Y plotter. The LQP78 is normally used as a
letter quality printer. It also has the capability of moving the carriage right
or left in 1/120 inch increments and moving paper up or down in 1/48
inch increments. Therefore, from a machine language level the LQP78 can
be controlled like X-Y plotter with acceptable resolution for many

Restrictions: May use some characters of the LQP78 printer extensively
thereby shortening the life of the print wheel. Care should be taken ini
assigning values to the character position as it is possible to drive the
carriage against the right-hand carriage stop which may cause printer

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up and Listing (DA), Floppy
Diskette (KA) Format: OS/8
Catalog: June 1985