Three Mathematical Routines
1. To Raise A+B*I to the N Power
2. Complex Roots of Real Interpreters
3. Cube Root Finder

Forrest Howard
Submitted by: Brother John F. O'Connell, C. F.X., St.
John's Preparatory School, Danvers, Massachusetts

1. To Raise a + bi to the Nth Power - This program is based
on De Moivre's Theorem for raising complex numbers to a
given power N. It works with all integral values of A and B
and for A and/or B equal to zero. It seems reasonable to
assume that it would also work with decimal fractions for A or
B. In the illustrative examples the = sign has been deleted to
improve the printout of the answers which appear in rectangu-
lar coordinate form rather than the trigonometric form.

2. To Find the P Complex Roots of a Real Number N - This
program was planned around the geometrical method of finding
the cube roots of unity. The printout gives the roots in rec-
tangular coordinate form of the complex number.

3. Cube Root Finder - This program gives a very good approx-
imation of the cube root of real numbers.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8/S
Source Language:

Catalog:July 1973