Saint Peter's College Statistical Package

Professor Robert W. Carter, Saint Peter's College, Jersey City,
New Jersey

This package contains 8 programs for statistical analysis with

FOCAL. The tape for each application may be ordered
separately or the complete package may be ordered as one
unit. All write-ups are included in one document. The programs
and their applications are as follows:

FOCAL8-170 .l FLGPLT - Plots scaled frequency distributions
" .2 FLBIND - Computes binomial probability
" .3 FLPCTL - Computes percentile scores
" .4 FLSDEV - Computes means and related
" .5 FLHMES - Computes "H," the information
measure of noise
" .6 FLTMES - Computes "T," the information
measure of relationship
" .7 FLPEAR - Computes a Pearson linear correlation
and regression analysis
" .8 FLSPER - Computes Spearman's rank-order
correlation coefficient

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8
Source Language:

Catalog:July 1973