Motion Picture Package

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr., Digital Equipment Corporation,
Maynard, Massachusetts

This is a package of six short FOCAL routines which should
prove useful to those in the motion picture industry. It con-
sists of: l) 16 mm Motion Picture Theater Optimization,
2) Motion Picture Scaling Program for Special Effects, 3)
Running Time Program for Professional Motion Picture Films,
4) Movie Theater Lens Selection Program, 5) Cine Lens
Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Calculations, 6) Footage-to-
Time Conversion Program for 16 mm, 35 mm and 65/70 mm
Cine Films.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8 with TTY, or any
configuration equipped for FOCAL
Storage Requirement:
Source Language:
FOCAL, 1969

Catalog:July 1973