Square Matrix Multiply; Prime Number Generator; Least
Common Multiple; Base to Base Integer Conversion; Repeating

Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard,

Square Matrix Multiply - The arduous task of multiplying two
square matrices is quickly done by this FOCAL Matrix
Multiplication routine.

Prime Number Generator - The Prime Number Generator is a
program which will accept a number, N, and type out all
primes less than that value. As soon as the program is finished
it loops back and starts over again by asking for N.

Lease Common Multiple (LCM) - The LCM routine is a neat,
short program which will compute the LCM of any number of
positive integers.

Base to Base Integer Conversion - The FOCAL Base to Base
Conversion routine will convert any positive integer less
than 2048 from one base system to another.

Repeating Decimal Program - This routine computes the decimal
equivalent to any rational number whose absolute value is
less than 1.

Catalog:July 1973