Table of Contents



Part 1: The Small C Language

Chapter 1: Program Structure

Chapter 2: Tokens

Chapter 3: Constants

Chapter 4: Variables

Chapter 5: Pointers

Chapter 6: Arrays

Chapter 7: Initial Values

Chapter 8: Functions

Chapter 9: Expressions

Chapter 10: Statements

Chapter 11: Preprocessor Directives

Part 2: The Small C Compiler

Chapter 12: Library Functions

Chapter 13: Efficiency Considerations

Chapter 14: Compatibility With Full C

Chapter 15: Executing Small C Programs

Chapter 16: Compiling Small C Programs

Chapter 17: Compiling the Compiler

Part 3: Inside the Small C Compiler

Chapter 18: The Call Routines

Chapter 19: Generated Code

Chapter 20: Data Structures

Chapter 21: Back End Functions

Chapter 22: The Front End

Chapter 23: The Main Function

Chapter 24: High Level Parsing

Chapter 25: Low Level Parsing

Chapter 26: Expression Analysis

Chapter 27: Optimizing

Chapter 28: Further Development


Appendix A: The ASCII Character Set

Appendix B: The 8086-Family Processors

Appendix C: Small C Compiler Listings

Appendix D: Small C Library Listings

Appendix E: Small C Quick Reference Guide

Appendix F: Small C Error Messages

Appendix G: Changes from Small C 2.1

Appendix H: Index of Compiler Functions

Appendix I: Index of Library Functions


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