Author: Ronald W. Wood, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, New York
A. QNANSWER retrieves information from the QANDA (DEC-12-FISA-D) answer buffer, ignoring terminal null values. The program accepts 8's and 9's as octal 10's and 11's. Each question field within a display is limited to a maximum of four characters. The program occupies. 38(10) locations, B16 and B17.

B. QANDATTY prints QANDA (DEC--12-FISA-D) displays and user responses on the teletype. The program occupies 102(10) memory locations and utilizes Beta registers 2 through 6. It provides the user the option of printing several display lines to the teletype line.

C. SUPRSHUF shuffles data with a pseudo-random algorithm which repeats every 512 non-zero input data points.

Tape contains source files for QNANSWER and QANDATTY; cor binary and source files for SUPRSHUF.

Minimum Hardware: 4K PDP-12, TTY, scope, 2 tape units
Other Programs Needed: QANDA (DEC-12-FISA-D)
Source Language: DIAL-MS
Catalog: July 1974