Arrhythmia Detection and Categorization
Author: Roy James Stanfill, Bioengineering Division, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
This is a real-time QRS detection and analysis routine based upon R-wave slope detection. The ECG, filtered from 3 Hz to 40 Hz, is input to the A/D Converter. Each QRS is compared with a stored average and judged normal or abnormal; the R-R interval is also checked to determine whether the beat is early or late. Several displays are available. Every 10 minutes, or upon request, the number of beats and arrhthmias for the preceding 10 minutes, are typed out. If a Tektronix video terminal and hardcopy Unit are available, copies of the displays can be made via the sense switches and relays.
Minimum Hardware: 5K; PDP-12; EAE
Source Language: DIAL-MS
Catalog: July 1974