AD74 - High Speed Analog to Digital Conversion Program
Author: Barrie F. Walker, Institute of Oceanography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
AD74 is a fast analog to digital conversion program. Analog data input is through the standard 16 channel PDP-12 A-D converter. Digitized data is recorded on 9 track tape with the IBM compatible TU-10 drive.

For a single input channel the maximum rate is about 16000 samples/second. This limit is made possible by using the RK8 as a buffer between core and tape.

For applications where an RK8 is not available, or where high speed is not essential, data may be dumped on tape without disk buffering at a maximum rate of about 5000 samples/second.

Minimum Hardware: PDP-12 A-D inputs, TU-10 tape, KW-12A clock, RK8 disk (optional), VR12
Storage Requirement: 8K
Source Language: DIAL
Catalog: July 1974