PDP-12 Utility and Data Reduction Programs
Author: Donald Overton, Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This tape contains a variety of programs written for the classic LINC or LINC-8 which have been modified to run in the PDP-12. Included are data reduction pragrams which perform autocorrelation, fourier analysis, power spectral analysis and convolution. Utility programs allow selected blocks of LINCtape to be searched, compared or typed out. Also included are programs which allow the user to convert LAP4 or LAP6 manuscripts into LAP6-DIAL, or to disassemble binary code into LAP6 or LAP6-DIAL source. None of these programs were written by the current author, who has simply modified them for operation under LAP6-DIAL in the PDP-12.
Source Language: LAP6-DIAL
Catalog: July 1974