Histogram and One-Factor Analysis of Variance
Author: Mary Kathleen Fairbanks, Neuropsychology Research, Veterans Administration Hospital, Sepulveda, California
The program performs three primary functions which may be executed singly or in any desired combination, i.e. data storage, histogram construction and analysis of variance computation. Accepts integer data entered via teletype and stores these data on LINCtape using the DIAL index. Displays a histogram of the integers on request using the PDP-12 scope. Displays minimum, second smallest, second largest and maxi- mum values of the data array. Computes either a one-factor repeated measures or a one-factor completely randomized analysis of variance on the data if requested. This program package is composed of the following program segments: $ANOVA, $HISTGM, $INT, $GPH, %AV, %2AV, %3AV. The package will handle a maximum of 600 numbers at one time and the largest number of intervals that the histogram may have is 95.
Minimum Hardware: PDP-12A, 8K, 2 TU/55
Other Programs Needed: FOCAL-12
Source Language: FOCAL-12
Catalog: July 1974