Cold Start DF32 Disk Formatter for PS/8 on a PDP-12
Author: Mario DeNobili
Submitted by: Stanley Rabinowitz, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts
The following problem arises for users who have a PDP-12 (with LINCtape) and a DF32 disk and who wish to use the
PS/8 programming system: They would like to use the disk as the system device since this expands the capabilities of PS/8 and speeds it up consid- erably; however, they cannot devote the disk to the exclusive use of PS/8 since other programs (notably the LAP6-DIAL-MS monitor system) require the use of the disk. Recreating the PS/8 disk system from scratch is normally very time consuming. This-document explains a method for the user to create a PS/8 disk system from scratch as easily as he can bootstrap into a PS/8 LINCtape system.
Minimum Hardware: 8K PDP-12B, 32KDF32 Disk, LINCtape
Other Programs Needed: PS/8-8K Programming System, PS/8 Configurator
Storage Requirement: 4000-4260
Source Language: Assembly Language
Catalog: July 1974