Author: R. D. McCook and T. V. McCaffrey, Department of Physiology, Loyola University, Maywood, Illinois
The two programs, OFFDISK and ONDISK, provide the capability of easily dumping the contents of a DF/DS-32 disk onto LINCtape and restoring the disk with the tape image at a later time. The disk image files are indexed and filed under the DIAL monitor and up to five disk images can be stored on a 1600 block LINCtape.
Minimum Hardware: 8K PDP-12, TU-55 tape transport DF-32 disk
Other Programs Needed: DIAL-V2 (supplied)
Storage Requirement: 8K can be modified for 4K
Restrictions: Restricted to DF/DS-32 disk
Source Language: DIAL
Catalog: July 1974