Octal Debugging Package (with and without Floating Point)

James Rothman, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard,

This program is an on-line debugger which will communicate
with the operator through the ASR-33 Teletype. It allows
register examination and modification, octal dumping, binary
punching, multiple and simultaneous breakpoints, starting
a program, and running at a particular location with preset
AC and Iink. ODP is completely relocatable at the beginning
of all pages except page zero, and is compatible with
the PDP-5, the PDP-8, and the PDP-8/S.

Storage Requirement:
The high version of ODP requires
locations 7000-7577. The low
version requires locations 0200-
0777. All versions will require
three pages. Also, location
0002 is used for a breakpoint
pointer to ODP.
Minimum Hardware:
The standard PDP-5, 8, or 8/S,
with ASR-33 Teletype is required.
A high-speed punch is optional.

Catalog: November 1969