NMR Simulator

D. F. Juers, R. J. Boettcher, V. J. Hull, and H. E.
Zimmerman, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

NMR Simulator is designed to calculate the theoretical spectrum
of compounds containing hydrogen, florine, carbon-13
and other nuclei of spin 112. The calculated theoretical
spectrum is displayed on an osciiioscope.

Options for punched and typewritten output, change in
X-axis offset (sweep offset) and spectrum resolution are
available. Chemical shifts and coupling constant parameters
may be varied sucessively until the displayed spectrum matches
that obtained experimentally. Redisplay of a "library" of
theoretical spectra is possible by retaining punched output

Minimum Hardware:
8K PDP-8, Oscilloscope,
and High-Speed Reader/

Source Language:

Storage Requirement:

Execution Time:
1 second to 15 minutes

Catalog: November 1969