Disk-DECtape Utility Program

Garth Peterson, South Dakota School of Mines and
Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota

The major functions of the Disk-DECtape Utility Program are
to save and recover DF32 disk images on DECtape and to
build a simple disk 0 to memory field 0 swapping system which
allows user-written programs and data to share a single disk.
Minor functions include establishing binary loaders, disk and
DECtape bootstraps, and a RIM loader in core; depositing and
examining messages on DECtape which identify disk images;
and clearing DECtapes to all zeroes. Extended memory is desirable.

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8, TC01 DECtape, DF32 Disk
Storage Requirement:
1-3357 (instructions) 1-7577 (total)
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973