Eugene E. Wells, Jr., U.S. Army Electronics, Fort
Monmouth, New Jersey

DUBAVG is a subroutine which collects high speed data,
smooths via two word arithmetic averaging, and scales the
result to millivolts. As many as 4096 runs of 2048 points each
may be averaged, limited only by the word length of the runs
counter and size of the core field which contains the double
word length sum, respectively.

The program has been optimized to allow both the minimum
(adjustable) point spacing and the maximum run repetition
rate. Minimum point spacing is about 35 microseconds.

DUBAVG is core field relocatable, and allows its buffer and
sum storage to occupy any core fields whatever.

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8 with AX08
Other Programs Needed:
Signed Single Precision Divide
Storage Requirement:
One page, plus 508 locations,
exclusive of auxiliary subroutines
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973