8/I LAB Data System

Dr. D. J. Fader, Research Engineer, University of Western
Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

A system of programs for data acquisition and processing is
described. A PDP-8 with special A/D and D/A hardware is
used to produce mean, rms, histograms, covariances, correla-
tions and other properties of analog input signals. Routines
are available for processing results using FOCAL and a Compu-
corder tape cassette unit, and using a PDP-10 with a digital

Due to the sheer size of the documentation for this program we
have broken it into two parts. The first, a "teaser" is sup-
plied under the same circumstances as in normal documentation.
The second, a set of five thick manuals, is subject to an extra
charge. Contact the DECUS office for more information.

Minimum Hardware:
8K PDP-8, TTY, PDP-10 plus
other devices noted in manuals
Storage Requirement:
8K PDP-8, 20K PDP-10
Use of all features requires special
Source Language:

Catalog:February 1972