Data System for Magnetic Scanning Mass Spectrometers

James Plattner, University of Colorado Medical Center,
Denver, Colorado

There are seven programs included in this system. The programs
and their functions are:

8-434.1 SCAN - Acquires data from mass spectrometer and
stores it on disk in Disk Monitor System format.

8-434.2 STD - Automatically identifies and converts times
of peak emergence to masses for a scan of perfluoroalkane that
has been acquired with the SCAN program. These results are
stored on the disk for future use.

8-434.3 CONV - Effects a time to mass conversion by interpolation
of a file of unknown compound spectra acquired with
the SCAN program vs. a file of perfluoroalkane that has been
acquired by the SCAN program and identified with the STD

8-434.4 TIC - Plots total ion current for a series of scans
acquired by SCAN and time to mass converted by CONV.

8-434.5 TAB - Prints listings of spectra that have been
converted to mass intensity files by the CONV program.

8-434.6 HIST - Plots spectra that have been acquired by
SCAN and time to mass converted by CONV.

8-434.7 TUNE - Allows mass spectrometer interface to be
optimized. Accumulator displays bias, oscilloscope displays
timing pulses (sample rate).

Some of these programs can be implemented to work with other
systems and therefore the tapes for each program may be
ordered separately.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8, DF32 disk, ASR33,
ADC1 A/D Converter, ms Computer
Other Programs Needed:
Disk Monitor System
Incremental Plotter Optional
Source Language:

Catalog:February 1972