TALK10 - A PDP-8/PDP-10 Utility-Loader

Peter Lemkin, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,

The assembly of large programs for small machines such as a
PDP-8 is apt to be laborious, time consuming and almost
impossible if done on the small machine itself. In addition,
the ability for many users to assemble PDP-8 programs on a
PDP-10 computer using PAL-10 or PAL-12 lightens the load
of software development on the smaller machine. TALK10 is
a PDP-8 utility/loader program. It decodes and loads ASCII
coded binary files (encoded by TALK8F, DECUS NO. 10-139)
sent from the PDP-10. It can transmit information to or
from the PDP-10, appearing to it as a regular teletype.

Minimum Hardware:
4K or more PDP-8 with PT08
Interface to Dataphone or directly
to PDP-I0
Other Programs Needed:
TALK8F (DECUS NO. 10-139),
PAL10 or PAL12, all on PDP-I0
Storage Requirement:
Currently <7000-7577> for program,
<3200-6777> for the buffer
If the PT08 data rate is 10 char/
sec, large TTY buffers will overflow
Source Language:

Catalog:February 1972