ALBIN -A PDP-8 Loader for Relocatable Binary Programs

J. L. Visschers, P. U. ten Kate and M. A. A. Sonnemans,
Instituut Voar Kernphysisch Onderzoek (IKO), Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

ALBIN is a simple method for constructing relocatable binary
formatted programs, using the PAL III Assembler. Allocation
of these programs can be varied in units of one memory page
(12810 registers). When loading an ALBIN program, the
actual absolute addresses of indicated program elements
(e. g., the keypoint of subroutines) are noted down in fixed
program-specified location on page zero. In order to make
a DEC symbolic program suitable for translation into its
relocatable binary equivalent, minor changes are required
which, however, do not influence the length of the program.
Due to its similarity to the standard DEC BIN loader, the
ALBIN loader is also able to read-in normal DEC binary
tapes. ALBIN requires 12210 locations, RIM loader included.
Piling-up in core memory of ALBIN programs stored on con-
ventional or DECtape can be achieved using the same method
with some modifications ..

Catalog: November 1969