Modified Binary Loader

G. Chase, Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

This loader is adapted from the standard DEC binary loader,
occupies the same core area, and is used in the same fashion.
It differs in that this version checks for four possible illegalities
as it reads a binary tape. *Odd frames: 1. codes from 201
to 277 inclusive, 2. codes greater than 300 not ending in
octal 0; Even frames: 3. codes greater than 77 ; Address
words: 4. overflow address counted up from 777 to 0000. A
separate tape is available for the PDP-8/E because it involves
a different way of getting the loader into core. Additional
material concerning the 8/E loader can be found in the write-up.

*The second frame of an address or data word is considered
even by this program. All other frames are odd.

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8 with TTY and/or HSR
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973