DETEF - DECtape File-Handling System

Dr, Carl Reutersward, Research Institute of National Defense,
Sundbyberg, Sweden

The DETEF system comprises:

1. A keyboard monitor similar to the Disk/DECtape Monitor,
but better suited to tape operation, Programs are loaded,
saved and recalled as named files made up of sequences of
contiguous blocks. Files of many type-designations may be
allocated and deleted by monitor commands, The resident
DECtape handler operates in the continuous mode (core
locations, not pages, are specified),

2. Utility programs for reading file directory, for packing
and copying files, etc,

3. A modification of FOCAL W: Segmented program and
data files accessed by programmed saving and loading operations;
variables not erased by loading of programs; two data
buffers for economic storage of floating point numbers and
12-bit integers.

4. An adaption of EDIT: DECtape files for input and output;
multiple inputs; input used for output; listing 1:if line numbers,

5. An adaption of PALD: control of extent of assembly listing;
symbol table expansion through storage on DECtape,

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8/I, EAE, TC01, one
TU55; Optional: HSR/P, 32K,
eight TU55's, AX08
Storage Requirement:
7600 to 7777 (Monitor loader
and DECtape handler)

Catalog: July 1973