CORREL Correlation Program and PCOMP- VARMX Factor Analysis Program
Author: Marjorie H. Kleinman,
Center for Community Research, New York, NY
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: FORTRAN II

Abstract: CORREL will compute Pearson product moment correlations
on a matrix of variables as large as 80 X 80. Missing data is
permitted. Before computing correlation coefficients, the appropriate
means are substituted for any missing values.

PCOMP-VARMX uses the principal components method of extracting
roots and vectors, and then performs varimax rotation on the factor
loading matrix. Input is in the form of a square correlation matrix, and
can be read from any input device. Output from CORREL may be used
directly as input.

Media Price Code: A2, G10
Catalog: August 1978