FLIT Assembler

Gary R. Smith
Submitted by: George E. Ott, University of Wisconsin,
Madison, Wisconsin

The FLIT Assembler produces a binary object tape on a high
speed paper tape punch and a listing on a 33 ASR teletype
from PDP-8 assembly language source tape read on a high
speed reader.

FLIT has the following major advantages over other assemblers:
l. Literals and off-page linkages are automatically generated.
2. The source tape is read rapidly and reliably, reducing
assembly time. 3. Line numbers appear on the listing,
simplifying use of the Symbolic Editor. 4. Tabulations
become 8-space fields in the listing just as with the Symbolic
Editor. 5. The symbol table has room for at least 34810
user symbols.

FLIT does not recognize macros, floating point or double
precision numbers, or Boolean operators. A few other minor
source language differences exist between FLIT and other

Minimum Hardware:
4K PDP-8, ASR33, HSR/P
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973