Random Number Generator Adapted for 8K FORTRAN/SABR

Adapted by: W. F, Haygood, Jr,, 3953 Starbrook Road,
Chesapeake, Virginia

This program adapts P. T. Brody's Random Number Generator
(DECUS NO. 5-25) for use with 8K FORTRAN or 8K SABR.

It can be called directly by any 8K FORTRAN program or by
a SABR program. When loaded with the 8K Linking Loader,
it will couple directly with its CALL statement in the object

Minimum Hardware:
8K PDP-8, ASR33
Other Programs Needed:
8K Linking Loader
Storage Requirement:
One relocatable memory page
Output consists of F. P. numbers
in range -1 < X < 1
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1973