DIBILD: Directory Rebuilder for PS/8 or OS/8
Author: John Alderman,
Digital Communications Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Operating System: OS/8
Source Language: PAL-8

Abstract: DIBILD is a PS/8 or OS/8 utility program to restore
directories that have been overwritten. It processes an ASCII file that is
produced by PIP in the /E format (or a file that looks like this), and
constructs a directory on the specified output device. The user supplies
the program with the device code for the directory that is to be
constructed, and the input file name (.DI is assumed). The "systems area"
of the output specified device is protected since files will start at block
70(8). This feature can be changed by a simple patch to the source and

Note: This program is offered with no promise that it is foolproof.
Support for this program is not offered, and you use it at your
own risk. It is recommended for advanced OS/8 users only.

Media Price Code: A1, F5, G10
Catalog: August 1978