SLED: Source and Listing Editor
Author: W. D. Gilmour,
Coxbridge House, Coxbridge, Glastonbury, Somerset,
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: MACRO-8

Abstract: Programs written in condensed format (with lines separated
by semicolons and extended as required) do not give neat listings,
suitable for publication, when passed through the standard MACRO or
PAL III assemblers. SLED secures a neat listing from the raw listing tape
produced from the assembler, with one blank line before each label,
except labels used to define zero constants, and two blank lines before
every break in program counter sequence. Along each line, non-significant
spaces are eliminated to give a nicely justified format, and the
obtrusive semicolons are removed. The number of lines to a page are
controlled and new pages automatically started at suitable points in the
listing. Pagination and titling are automatic. The program can be used to
layout source tapes in a similar manner.

Restrictions: Program written for non-standard high speed paper
tape reader-use standard DEC reader with caution. One
delay-needs adjustment for computer other than 8/S.

Media Price Code: D3, F5, G7
Catalog: August 1978