Automated Electrooculography
Author: Paul R. Hudak
Submitted by: Dr. John R. Bourne,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 4K
Special Hardware Required: LAB 8/e, A/D Converter, and
Schmitt trigger.

Abstract: A real-time program is described which, with the aid of some
simple external circuitry, can be used as an automated clinical system for
measuring a patient's electrooculogram (EOG) during periods of light
and dark adaptation. Such clinical electrooculography is an aid in testing
retinal function, but has previously been a time consuming task. A LAB
8/e computer with the standard A/D converter and Schmitt trigger
interfaces and a minimum of 4K of memory are all that is necessary for
proper operation. Reference should be made to an article, "Computer
Automated Electrooculography," which appeared in Computers and
Biomedical Research, Volume 5, pp. 654-658, 1972.

Media Price Code: D2, F5, G6
Catalog: August 1978