BEST: Binary to Symbolic Traductor
Author: Michel Morel and Francoise Landre,
J. A. Gaudron, E.N.S.E.E.C., Caen, France
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: PAL-III
Abstract: The Binary to Symbolic Traductor accepts a paper tape in a
binary format, and produces either a printed listing or a paper tape in
ASCII format, acceptable to the PAL III Assembler. It can disassemble
8K programs, with interrupts and FPP instructions. It sorts out instructions
from constants, and automatically produces tags at the referenced
addresses, which helps the operator to understand quickly any program.
The operator can converse with BEST, indicate various starting addresses,
and options for outputs (Automatic paging, Pass 3 listing).

Note: No source available.

Media Price Code: A2, F5
Catalog: August 1978