Cabrillo Test Grader
Author: Don Singer,
Forest Gove Union High School, Forest Grove, OR
Submitted by: Cabrillo Computer Center,
Lompoc, CA
Operating System: Paper Tape
Source Language: PAL-III
Memory Required: 4K
Special Hardware Required: CM8-E Optical Mark Sense Card

Abstract: This is an assembly language version of DEC's Edutest Test
Grading Program. It uses standard Edutest cards and is more efficient
and foolproof than Edutest. It produces an optional individual student
printout with either right or wrong questions listed, produces a class list
showing # of questions each student answered right and his percentage
score, and an item analysis showing how many times each question was
missed and the correct answer as read from the key card. It handles 999
students and a maximum of 100 questions.

Media Price Code: D3, F7
Catalog: August 1978