TR: A Binary to ASCII Translator
Author: Fred De1comyn,
Singer, Forest Gove Union High School
Operating System: 4K Disk Monitor System
Source Language: PAL-D
Memory Required: 8K
Special Hardware Required: LAB-8 system with AX08 Laborato
ry Peripheral.

Abstract: This program consists of three sets of interrelated routines,
(INPUT, DSKFIL, TR) which will accept up to three channels of pulse
input and four channels of analog input via the AX08 Laboratory
Peripheral. Data consisting of the time interval between the pulse inputs,
and the amplitude of the analog inputs (measured at user-specified
intervals) are stored in data buffers from which they are written onto a
disk via another routine (from the second of the three sets). The data
stored on disk may be "translated" by routines contained in the third set
into ASCII coded decimal digits for subsequent analysis.

Media Price Code: A3, B5, F5, G10
Catalog: August 1978