Editor Modified for DECtape (552)

Robin B. Wadleigh, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore,

This program consists of modifications to the Digital 8-1-S
symbolic Editor to enable reading and writing on DECtape.
This results in considerable time savings in assembling PAL
programs since PAL has also been modified to accept the
symbolic program directly from DECtape. The DECtape
compatability is also useful for storing text for later use and
for regaining Editor memory space lost due to delete and
change commands.

In addition, the overflow detection routine is now foolproof
and results in a HALT.

Storage Requirement:
Editor: <0, 1502>
Modifications: <1462, 1502>
<6376, 7177>
DECtape Routines: <7200, 7577>

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8 with EAE, ASR-33, DECtape

Catalog: November 1969