LESQ, General Non-Linear Least Squares

Lars Palmer, A B Hassle, Molndal, Sweden

LES-Q implements the Gauss-Newton method for determining
the best fit constants to a given non-linear curve.

The theoretical method is well described in the write-up to
FOCAL8-72 (the mathematical methods used are the same,
but there is no relationship in the programs). The program
contains the following features:

a) The function to be used is written as a FORTRAN func-
tion and added to the system.

b) All derivatives needed are calculated numerically.

c) The program will accept up to 6 constants and up to 30
data points.

d) The program calculates the error matrix for all the con-
stants and outputs a table of calculated y values versus

e) In an FPP-12 configuration the program iterates most
functions in under 10 seconds.

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8, any F4 system, OS/8
Other Programs Needed:
F4 compiler; write-up to DECUS
FOCAL8-72 useful
Storage Requirement:
12K in OS/8
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1974