PAL Modified for DECtape Input (552)

Robin B. Wadleigh, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore,

This program is a modification to the Digital 8-3L-S PAL
Assembly Program enabling PAL to obtain the symbolic
program from DECtape (in addition to paper tape) and
outputting the assembled program in the usual manner. (The
symbolic program is written onto DECtape by use of the
"Editor Modified for DECtape" Program.) This modification
also makes it possible to assemble sections or commands from
the keyboard with those from DECtape. The resulting
assembly is limited in speed mainly by the punching of the
assembled program during Pass 2; and Pass 1 is speeded
considerably. Also included is a tabulator interpreter,
providing Pass 3 listings in tabulated format.

Storage Requirement:
PAL III: <0, 3561>: plus symbol
Modifications: <6555, 7177>
DECtape Routines: <7200, 7577>

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8 with EAE, ASR-33, DECtape

Catalog: November 1969