External - Or RC - Clock (AX08) Calibration

Klaus Lickteig, Institut tuer Kerntechnik, Technische
Universitaet Berlin, Berlin, Germany

This clock calibration program determines the clock period
(milliseconds) or the clock Frequency (kHz) of an external
clock or the RC-clock of the AX08. The respective period of
frequency will be displayed on the oscilloscope of the AX08.
The program, which can be used as a subroutine, stores the
clock period (msec) at location "RCTIME" in the normal DEC
Floating Point Format. Range of application: 838, 8608 sec
= t = 0.03 msec.

Minimum Hardware:
PDP-8, 4K memory, AX08,
ASR-33 (LAB-8 system)
Other Programs Needed:
DEC-08-YQ2B-PB (Version B
only! !)
Source Language:

Catalog: July 1974