UFDSPY: A TSS/8 Line-Printer UFD Dump Program
Author: James Ward
Natick High School, Natick, MA
Operating System: TSS/8
Source Language: PAL-D
Memory Required: 1K
Special Hardware Required: TSS/8 Configuration and

Abstract: UFDSPY is a program designed to dump the user's file
directory (UFD) in readable form onto the line-printer. A header is
printed consisting of the user's account number, the system date, and
column headings. Information printed for each file includes the file name,
extension, protection code, number of segments occupied by the file, date
of creation, pointer to retrieval, and the link to the next UFD entry. At
the end of the listing the total number of blocks in use by the files on this
account is printed.

Media Price Code: D2, G8
Catalog: August 1978